Physical Exam

A physical exam can be used as an effective diagnostic and preventive care method to evaluate your overall health and detect abnormalities. In Rockville, Maryland, Dr. Ajay Reddy provides comprehensive, customized physical exams, including sports physicals for high schoolers. Dr. Reddy spends ample time assessing your individual medical concerns and meticulously works to find the best ways to enhance your wellness. If you’re due for your annual physical or have concerns about your health, call Dr. Reddy or make your appointment using the online booking tool.

What is a physical exam?

Dr. Reddy uses physical exams to evaluate a certain medical concern or to serve as part of a general preventive care checkup. Physical exams are sometimes also referred to as wellness visits and are centered around improving and assessing your wellness.

Physical exams are recommended annually and involve reviewing your medical and family history, an in-depth discussion about your health with Dr. Reddy, a physical assessment, and ample time to answer any questions you might have.

Depending on your current state of health and your age, Dr. Reddy might recommend additional blood work and testing.

Why would I need a physical exam?

Dr. Reddy might recommend a physical exam to:

  • Check for possible diseases
  • Update any necessary vaccinations
  • Make sure you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and regular exercise
  • Identify concerns that might turn into medical complications

Dr. Reddy might also conduct a physical exam before a surgery or before treatment for a medical condition.

How can I prepare for a physical exam?

Preparing for your physical exam allows you to make the most out of your time with Dr. Reddy. You should gather paperwork or information to demonstrate:

  • A list of your current medications
  • A list of symptoms or pain you’re experiencing
  • Any relevant recent test results
  • Your medical and surgical history
  • Contact information and names of other doctors you’ve visited recently

You might want to dress in comfortable clothing and avoid excess jewelry or makeup that may interfere with the exam.

What does a physical exam involve?

One of the most important parts of your physical exam or wellness visit is your in-depth discussion with Dr. Reddy. Dr. Reddy also checks your pulse, weight, and height, and inspectOne out of five Americans has hypertension or high blood pressure without even knowing it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Over time, poorly controlled high blood pressure can make your heart work harder to pump blood through your body. At his practice in Rockville, Maryland, Dr. Ajay Reddy provides a range of testing and treatment methods to help you protect your heart and improve your heart health. Take care of one of your most important organs and regulate your blood pressure with innovative treatments and quality, individualized medical care. Click or call the friendly office staff to schedule your appointment with Dr. Reddy.s your body for any unusual marks or growths.

If necessary, Dr. Reddy might examine your abdomen and other areas of your body, looking at the location, consistency, size, tenderness, and texture of your individual organs. Dr. Reddy might use a technique called percussion — gently tapping on your body like a drum to assess organs and discover fluids.

Dr. Reddy uses an instrument called a stethoscope to listen to certain body parts, such as your lungs or intestines, as well as your heart’s rhythm to assess your heart functions.

Dr. Reddy might also order bloodwork to evaluate your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and other key factors that can help paint a clear and accurate picture of your overall health.

Take charge of your health with the assistance of Dr. Reddy. Conveniently schedule your physical exam online or call the office today.